How often in your life have you been asked to reappraise a friendship? Be it an acquaintance, a friend, or even a partner; the person you thought you knew turning out to be -if not false- then not the whole person. Who do you trust and why do you trust […]

The Nature of Friendship

I have written two novels for my new Lake Pen Series ‘#Lazarus10’ due out later this year and Vegas crime romp ‘The Big Game’. I am offering the chance to win a very special pre-loaded Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with a selection of 26 Crime Thriller titles, both classics and […]

Kindle Giveaway

My forthcoming book ‘#Lazarus10’ dwells on a few themes, life after death being one of them and what being clinically dead actually means. I’m thinking, in the UK anyway, that cryogenics isn’t taken that seriously. At least, not as seriously as it’s taken in the States. There is something in […]

What does clinically dead actually mean?

Watching the Olympics and learning of Laura Trott as a child being inspired wearing Bradley Wiggins Gold Medal got me thinking about those inspirational moments. I was reflecting on what it takes to make anyone embark on a creative life as an artist. I had absolutely no history, no qualifications […]

The Little Things