How deep deceit can sit and what love for another can cause someone to do. So often, deceit seems to be borne out of fear, fear and insecurity. It somehow becomes easier to hide behind words but not follow through with actions, rather than have to contemplate a fearful action. The fact that this then lets someone else down is an unfortunate by-product, but a by-product nonetheless.

It’s interesting to me that this is particularly prevalent in relationships when they are built on a lie. If someone is in love with someone else, there’s no knowing what they are capable of, whilst dealing with the deception of a new relationship they are in fact not at all invested in. What that then creates is Agendas. Everything that follows… motives, moves.. are based in deep agendas that can have absolutely nothing to do with the poor unfortunate caught in the crosshairs.

So, often the innocent target won’t see something quite massive coming around the corner, precisely because they are totally unable to understand their own predicament; that of being with someone not in the slightest bit invested in the relationship.

However, it perhaps becomes even more interesting when, although their allegiance is elsewhere, feelings of friendship, intimacy, guilt and remorse begin to surface in the con artist, precisely because of the situation they find themselves in.

Life is seldom straightforward in matters of the heart. Unless they are a proper psychopath, it becomes very difficult not to get involved on some level: Not to feel and for those feelings not to leak out all over the floor.

There is of course the counterbalancing argument that if someone has no agendas of their own, that someone else’s agendas will fail to make any impact. I don’t necessarily subscribe to this though. Someone can be totally sweet and uncomplicated, but get totally wrapped up in a complete nest of vipers.. Used, willingly, or without their knowledge.

Perhaps not the most peaceful life, but also never boring…


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