Cathedrals in the Sky

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 Cathedrals In The Sky

1941: Trinidadian fighter pilot Rudy, finds himself a long way from home. Somewhere over the coast of France, limping back to Blighty in a wounded Spit.
1976: Young Ash, shuffling around with a metal detector makes a big discovery in Baggett’s Pond, spending a hot afternoon trying to dig it out, to impress Helen as much as anything. It’s a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, but where’s the rest of the aeroplane?
2014: St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. ‘Cathedrals In The Sky’ was the name of a poem Ash vaguely remembered from his own misspent youth. Paying little attention to teachers and more to the capabilities of Swan Vestas. How much was he willing to share with his boy, now he is old enough to ask awkward questions?
Spanning over 70 years, ‘Cathedrals In The Sky’ is a coming-of-age psychology of identity, love, loss and parenthood, told from a series of five very different perspectives.

"Cathedrals in the Sky" by Andrew Rajan is a beautifully-written, sensitive and many-layered piece from a very particular and interesting voice."

Bridport Prize Winner, Victoria Worsley

"An absolute gem of a book, you are torn between wanting to continually read and not wanting it to end. The story is very touching as we follow three generations with a common interest in planes and flying. We learn a lot about the Spitfire and also how race relations in the UK has changed over the last 70 years. A heartwarming book, with very poignant moments, thank you First Reads for letting me read this book."

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"This is a beautifully nuanced book told from a number perspectives including an asian boy, Ash, in the 1970s (adopted by a white mother), Ash as a grown man by the bedside of his own son in hospital, Ash's grandfather who he goes to live with as a child and the WW2 Indian fighter pilot from Trinidad (yes Indian from Trinidad) whose engine Ash finds buried in a large pond on his grandfather's farm and rebuilds with him. It is a story few could tell and the writer clearly has a profound understanding of the issues involved. I know nothing about engines but while it will catch the interest of who are interested in WW2 and fighter planes, to me it was the sensitivity of the relationships and the delicate interweaving of racial and familial issues here that stood out. Somehow heart lifting as well as heart breaking, it is a great read."

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