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When the World Series comes around everyone heads to Vegas, but not all of the games are there. With so many players of every level flying in not just from across the States but from around the globe, the whole town profits.

Accordingly, the hotels hike their prices and casino poker rooms other than the Harrah’s-owned Rio get in on the action by offering comps of their own, like the Venetian Deep Stack, capitalising on the massive influx of pokerheads.

Phil Hellmuth, once the youngest ever to win the Main Event, always likes to make an entrance, be it with a bevy of hired models, driving a hired race car around the Rio car park (which he famously crashed into a concrete post) and this year by setting his shoes on fire. I guess it all makes sense to him. But for some crazy reason, the WSOP wouldn’t be complete without his antics off the table. Something seems to be working for him though; he’s won 14 bracelets already.

To be fair, in this particular case he set fire to them in an attempt to appease the poker Gods, as he was complaining he’d had a terrible tournament thus far.

It remains to be seen what he does to mark the commencement of the Main Event. His hair, maybe.

On the flipside of Poker Celebness and in a throwback to casino’s seedier history, a Russian by the name of Razhden Shulaya is being tried for using electronic devices to hack automated gaming machines in Atlantic City, for huge sums.

Not content solely with this sophisticated money-spinner, his NY syndicate were also involved in hired hits, chloroform drugged robbery(?!) and stealing mahoosive quantities of… wait for it…


Now, that’s my kind of take down, right there.

I mean, if you’re gonna steal, make sure it’s something you really absolutely can’t live without… and loads of it. Am I right?


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