Innocent Abroad

Another theme to #Lazarus10 is a bit of the innocent abroad being easily lead; used by others with ulterior motives.

It’s an interesting factor, when creating a story lead… do they have to be likeable? And then, what constitutes ‘likeable’, for that matter? We all like a rogue. Look at Madmen. I mean, you’d hate to be married to the guy, but…

I like the sense that with an innocent abroad, ok, he may have crossed the line to some degree, but when he then becomes embroiled in much bigger and more far-reaching crimes, where do we, as observers, draw the line in judgement? Do we err on the side of ‘Well, you were guilty of this initial transgression, which led on to X,Y and Z, therefore you are right to take the fall’.. or, ‘No you were guilty only of a relatively minor infraction, so..’ or even – ‘You were used for something without your knowledge, therefore all that befalls you is totally unjust’.

I find this interesting territory to explore: What the reader’s take is on the situation they find Tony Peso to be in. I think if you were to talk to ten people, they might all arrive at different conclusions. We all read, we all take information in, we watch films through our own filter and see a different story from the person sitting next to us.

I recall being in a film festival in Germany some years ago and talking to someone who had just seen my first film, Offending Angels. They then proceeded to talk over me about what the film was about… a film I had written, produced and directed. And as far as I was concerned, they had been in a different cinema, watching a completely unrelated movie from the one I’d made.

But, in the end, you have to let go of any given creation.

It is what it is and it should be open to interpretation from whoever witnesses it thereafter. It goes on to live a life of its own and that is right. It’s no longer yours, from the moment someone else sees it.

And it’s the same with books, with a good story. People will take from it what they will and interpret it through the prism of their own life experience. So long as they enjoy it, perhaps that should be more than enough.

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