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Andrew Rajan’s second novel is a terrific sci-fi thriller that has the reader gripped right up to the high tension climax. It centres on an ordinary bloke who arrives in LA and is immediately plunged into a luxury life style where he finds himself dangerously out of his depth in his struggle to succeed...READ MORE

This is a great read. A real page turner which keeps you guessing through the twisting plot and cutting edge science that takes adrenaline culture to an unusual extreme. I was also carried along by enjoying the company of a narrator who manages to be both morally flawed and genuinely engaging...READ MORE

#Lazarus10 was recommended by a friend and I tore through it in 2 sittings - do not start this book if you have more pressing things to do! The premise is fascinating and the story unfolds smoothly narrated by Tony Peso the central character....READ MORE

#LAZARUS10 - Is now available.

"He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die". John 11:21-26

Tony Peso’s world is turned upside down the first time he is plugged into a cryonically frozen head, to experience their last ten seconds of life. If this was properly marketed, it could be massive…

Ignoring the moral implications and ably assisted by Cryo-Biochemist Davis, Brit-abroad Tony makes millions selling this mind-blowing one-off hit to Billionaires.

Way out of his depth from layers of deceit, he soon finds himself an international fugitive, on the run from the FBI for a murder he didn’t commit. A bagful of cash, but unable to distinguish friend from foe.

Now headlining America’s Most Wanted, Tony finds himself writing his own memoirs from Death Row...

“Intriguing… gripping, really well-paced… highly engaging and very filmic.”


Available in 2017...

The Big Game

If the Police capture only a fraction of criminals, what do the ones who get away with it get up to? And how would you go about laundering millions of dollars for the chance to live the Vegas high-life?

Do you believe that even lifelong friends have a breaking point?

In poker terms, what is the biggest game on the planet?