A Life Well Lived

Another theme of #Lazarus10 is ‘a life well lived’.

It’s quite common for people, who have experienced a near-death occurrence of some kind, be it an accident or perhaps illness, to think with a different perspective once life returns to some sort of normality. Ponder quite deeply about their life thus far and where they now see it heading as a result of this emergency.

I think this sort of reappraisal can often also occur with the passing of a loved one; it’s only natural to take stock in this situation, as one is forced to examine mortality in general and, by default, one’s own mortality. How might you be regarded by your peers when you are gone? And what would you be remembered for?

What #Lazarus10 does is poses a few pointed questions to an ordinary Joe, asking him implicitly whether he’s happy with his lot, or if he believes there’s something bigger and better for him out there. And then whether he’s up for a gamble, should he decide that to be the case.

We all know we all hear the phrase ‘Life Is Not A Rehearsal’ and ‘You Only Get One Shot At It’, but how many of us, particularly when young, with our whole life ahead of us, take that literally?

We all know it’s important to live a life without regrets, so that we can look back with a smile and know we did our best to live a good and full life, with countless wonderful experiences, over many decades, with a multitude of people, spanning the globe. But how many of us actually do that?

Tony Peso is given that chance to alter his mundane life quite drastically and elects to do so. However, he doesn’t seem to see the line when he crosses it, happy to keep going on the ride he’s on and take it for all it’s worth, regardless. And he’s as shocked as anyone when he’s declared America’s Most Wanted, a fugitive from the law.

As was pointed out by esteemed film critic James Cameron-Wilson, when appraising ‘Offending Angels’, all those years ago. A repeating theme emerges here: That life is not a rehearsal and you need to take hold of it and live a life worth looking back on at the end of it.

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