That Paki Play (Stage Play)

Four Asian actors meet to try and work out how to improve their situation as stereotyped characters in a white industry. Three are old hands, but Ahmed is fresh out of drama school.

Meanwhile, fifth actor Vinny contemplates the failure of his life from atop the cliffs of Beachy Head.

Currently a finalist for the Sultan Padamsee Awards 2016


Mental (Stage Play / Feature Drama)

Mental, a four-hander, set in present day Tottenham, post 9-11, post 7-7, post riot. Broadly, it explores the territory of identity; of belonging and of what it is to be non-white, living on the fringes of today’s society.
‘MENTAL’ is a Black man in his 30’s living in a squat and paranoid about he world he now sees around him and how it perceives him. He is terrified of being killed not by terrorists, but by the heavy-handed Police.
Then, one night, EMILIA tumbles in through the window. Plainly not a part of this scene, she’s a well-to-do, educated girl, whose upbringing has lacked nothing. Why is she here?

'Blackbird (view the rehearsed read through). Password : duggan

Mental made the last 20 of 2,200 submissions in the Bruntwood Prize

Afghanistan (stage play)

Afghanistan means many things to many different people.

Ardent Afghan campaigner, Zarghona got a phone call telling her she only has five minutes to live. No time to call for help, no time to spirit her child to safety. She sits secured to a chair, her grocery bag unceremoniously emptied now covers her head, put there by a Taliban leader carrying a Kalashnikov.

Chelsea sexual submissive- Louisa is knotted expertly to a chair by her boyfriend, ex-BBC War Correspondent, Roper. Her daughter fathered by Roper’s brother, a casualty of the war in Kandahar.

Two women in adjacent apartments tied down, a world apart.

Afghanistan - an exploration of politics: Social, economic, family, office, sexual, corporate-world.

Long-listed for the Alfred Fagon Award - 2015

Others on the way

Other plays currently being written-

- Double History (stage play)

- Fairplay (short stage play)