The Nature of Friendship

How often in your life have you been asked to reappraise a friendship?

Be it an acquaintance, a friend, or even a partner; the person you thought you knew turning out to be -if not false- then not the whole person.

Who do you trust and why do you trust them? Because they’re family? Because you were once in love with them? Because they’re close to someone you trust implicitly? Because you find something about them attractive? Or because you admire them somehow…

When you’re young, friendships can seem easier. You meet a lot of people going through a similar experience to you, be it school, hobbies, sixth form, or just your neighbourhood. And by growing up together, experiencing things together, that can tie you more closely. You trust someone wit some minor thing, they don’t let you down so the next time it’s easier to trust.

Maybe they share something intimate with you, or perhaps they witness something you do, but elect to keep it to themselves, thereby earning your trust. But it’s interesting territory.. how we trust, why we trust some people and not others.

In the history of media, particularly film and television, the good guy the heroine was always handsome, beautiful, dressed in white. More recently, these stock two-dimensions have been comprehensively challenged, but they’re still very powerful and still very much there. Just look at advertising and how trust in a brand is so carefully manipulated and massaged. And even though we know it is just that, advertising, yet still it influences our everyday choices.

Friendship, betrayal and trust are all aspects I explore in my Lake Pen Series of books. I don’t think I set out to do that, it’s just looking back now I am forced to think about it all, I would say these are strong themes that interest me. I mean, I set out to write a taut storyline with a really good plot going off across the globe, with international theft, cybercrime, murder and a little sci-fi thrown in for good measure, but in the end, it all comes back to those bigger human themes that drive people. For me, anyway.

Do we ever really know someone?


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