The World Series of Poker

Hold on to your hats!

Summer has finally arrived with the news that the 2017 World Series of Poker has already kicked off. Commencing on May 30th at the Rio Casino Las Vegas, the Mecca for everything poker is now already in its 48th year and every player in the world is either there, on their way, or wishing they were.

It’s seen some changes over the years, starting off as a little backroom affair back in the early days at Binion's. But now with over 50 different poker events, spanning 49 days and a Main Event expecting more than 6,000 runners across 500 tables and offering a multi-million dollar payday, it’s anything but small potatoes now.

The Main Event is a No Limit Holdem game for a $10,000 buy-in, which runs for 11 days. In recent years, the final table, i.e., the last nine left in the tournament had been asked to wait to play down to one winner until November, but it’s back now to its original format, where players are expected to play through all the way from initial buy in, to the tournament climax in one exhausting, unbroken stretch.

In 2003, the aptly named Chris Moneymaker put the World Series on the map, having, for a few paltry bucks, won an entry ticket to the Main Event playing online. He went all the way, eventually taking down seasoned Pro-player Sammy Farha to pocket millions, cement his name forever in the stars and, in doing so, open the floodgates for everyone else who thought ‘Well, if he can do that, why can’t I?’

So with the annual pokerfest now underway, what better time to launch the second book in the Lake Pen series, a novel dedicated to poker, The Big Game.

There's a chance to win a copy of The Big Game...


What if you were offered the Vegas highlife, to launder millions of dollars..?

Small-time London grifter ‘Shanks’ is an action junkie in search of the biggest game on the planet. As far as he’s concerned, everyone’s on the make; it’s eat, or be eaten.

Spanning two continents and a worldwide crime network, in the time it takes to shuffle a deck, Shanks spins from two-bit nobody trying to grind a living, to Vegas high-roller.

Getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan…

A gritty, funny, drug-fuelled blast through the seedier side of poker and what it is to truly live it: rollercoaster stories from desperate faces, all living in the shadows.

Sometimes it pays to be careful what you wish for…

Rajan writes with a warm, enchanting flow… with strong, dynamic characters… I really didn't want it to end.”

The second in the Lake Pen Series of novels, by Andrew Rajan

Fast-paced and laden with plot twists, Lazarus#10 is carried by original writing and a narrator who does not lose his sense of humour, even when he finds himself in free fall.”

The Big Game - available on the 28th July. 

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