Tilting And Leaking

Tilting can be short-term, just a hand going wrong, someone drawing a six out-er on your lock on the hand, or it can be longer term, like when your girlfriend at last works out that you’re a fucking loser and not only are you happy to go through all of your money and lose the shit job you were holding down only to pay for your game, but you’re also more than happy to charm her purse open even as you charm the thin elastic off her hips.

Tilting is an emotional state. It can last a minute, or a decade, it’s up to you and can depend on the cause. Some get hooked on the losing, but that’s a whole other story. It’s said, psychologically, that this is perfectly possible though. And that’s too scary a thought for most poker players to countenance, if they’re honest. For how many would be found guilty of that if the torch of truth were poked in their vampiric faces?

So, the other one is a leak. A leak takes many shapes, many guises, but in the end, whatever the dressing, it’s the same tawdry old shit. Someone can be the best fucking poker player in the world, bar none, but if he has a leak, if he’s an ‘action junky’, then he’s the one in that particular corner of Hell nailed to the spinning wheel, having knives thrown at his head, already bleeding from every limb.

Only the blindfold guy throwing the knives is himself. He may win everything. Have the Midas touch, and make literally millions a year on poker, but if he loves the gee-gees, or is crap at golf, if he loves the footie, the craps table or the dogs -and just can’t get enough of it, then he has a leak and all that money he won so well at poker will dribble through the hole in his trousers as surely as lead-shot, leaving a poisonous, dark stain in its wake and he won’t be able to do a thing about it.

One-eye jacks and suicide kings. Good luck if you’re married to him.

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