Tom Stacey and a very busy week!

A busy week with one thing and another.

A couple of weeks ago, I shot some footage for a good friend of mine, actress Kristin Milward. She’s been wanting to make a documentary about a friend of hers called Tom Stacey.

A very interesting man as it happens, with a penchant for dancing to traditional jazz, I was invited around to capture some foot-stomping, with the idea of making a teaser trailer to upload onto Kickstarter or some such, with the idea of raising the necessary funds to create a documentary film. A true eccentric, Tom is a really engaging and charismatic man, even now at the impressive age of 87.

Over his extraordinary and varied career, Tom has had 17 tomes published, both fiction and non-fiction, and was awarded the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize. In 1977, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

House Captain at Eton, he schooled with the likes of Douglas Hurd and went on to serve with the Scots Guards, on active service in Malaysia.

Thereafter a journalist, he interviewed the likes of Khrushchev, Ayub Khan and Harold Macmillan, going on to report from over 120 countries. His taste for foreign climes was cemented when he took on the plight of the Ruwenzuru, a relatively small faction were seeking independence from Uganda. He’s subsequently been recognised as a ‘catalytic agent’ by the tribe for their recognition as a separate entity by the Government of Uganda.

Other notable highlights include leading the first water-borne expedition from the source of the Blue Nile all the way to the sea.

Subsequent to his own incarceration in India in 1965, Tom became a prison visitor here in England and in 1981, came up with the idea of the Electronic Tagging Device for offenders. He has been an avid campaigner on this and many other causes close to his heart, ever since.

A great and apt subject for a documentary, methinks. Watch this space.

On another subject, I was gratified that Sam Hazeldine read my feature script and agreed to come aboard, subject to contract, to play the lead baddie and chief of the Attrabates Tribe, Ankou.

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