What If?

#Lazarus10 is a piece on possibility, on the What If? What if it were possible for instance, to plug yourself into a cryogenically frozen human head and relive the last ten seconds of their lives?

Would you willingly choose to do that? Would you regard doing so as a huge invasion of privacy? Would you want only to do it with a loved one, or someone you had never met?

If our definition of death is arbitrary and constantly being redrawn by medicine ~ extending and extending, might there not come a time when someone previously thought of as dead is in fact, not actually, but just in a suspension, waiting for medical science to catch up and rescue them?

And what if science managed to tap into that suspension… managed to capture, just for the briefest of glimpses an insight onto that most intimate moment of life; the moment before death? The last memory the last snapshot before the light went out?

Would you be at all curious? Would you want to know? Would you pay to witness that movie? And what might that do to you, in relation to how you viewed your own existence, as much as theirs?

It is said that near-death experiences change people. Make them re-evaluate their lives and work out what’s important to them. Hardly surprising, really. But is you experienced someone else’s, would it have a similar impact?

#Lazarus10 takes that step into the unknown. It makes real the notion that this tiny step in scientific terms has just been made by one man and the experience is now a possibility, available to anyone brave, or foolish enough to try it. For a price.

And Tony Peso is the man to bring this trip to the people. Everyone loves the unique, the special, the thing that truly pushes at the envelope. Haven’t we for centuries wanted to know what lies beyond: the undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveller returns. Puzzles the will… Priceless, no?

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