Who Wouldn’t Want The Ultimate One-off Thrill Ride?

I don’t think it’s a particularly enlightening statement to say that not all billionaires are alike, however, many do share similar traits.

There is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a marked difference between those that inherited their wealth, from those that created it. In the ones that create, there’s a strong vein of risk/reward and entrepreneurship going on, in terms of where they see an opportunity and getting on board long before anyone else.

Many of the more long-term billionaires have also stayed with the thing that made them their money in the first place, be it a supermarket chain or computers.

Individuals like Mark Zuckerberg and before him, Bill Gates, were already more left wing in their thinking prior to amassing their fortunes and this has had a marked effect on what they chose to do with their wealth, putting huge sums into philanthropic and charitable endeavours that should be paying much needed dividends long after they’ve gone.

In terms of what billionaires choose to spend their wealth on, there are of course the expected private jets, massive, purpose-built, state of the art mansions and yachts. There are even football, hockey and basketball teams.

Any number of curators and specialists have sprung up, eager to provide for this new money-is-no-object appetite, always on the lookout for potential items. These can consist one-off works of art, pieces of jewellery, aboriginal artefacts, or designer showpieces. There’s also a hot trade in items belonging to famous people, alive or dead and hug exclusive markets in which to sell all these baubles.

And, as this list betrays, in this time of plenty, once money is no object, what many of these individuals crave is the unique, the thing that sets them apart from every other billionaire, the showpiece. A diamond selling for £45m, Enzo’s personal Ferrari, Steve McQueen’s watch.

It’s into this environment, this thinking, that #Lazarus10 can exist. For, if this is your mind-set, who wouldn’t want the ultimate one-off thrill ride?

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