‘Greys Inbetween’ Finally Finds its Audience

As a follow up then, to my blog below: ‘Lessons Learned as a Low-Budget Auteur’, I’m pleased to say that FilmHub.com have successfully parlayed ‘Greys Inbetween’ to not one, but three channels, covering the globe. It’s a mind-boggling prospect to me at least, that one can upload a movie in one place and it be instantly marketable globally; one a world away from the technology available to me when I made my first film on S16mm Kodak…

FilmHub have been great, very patient as I scrapped my way to a version they could use, along with Closed Captions that worked. I’m pleased with the alacrity with which the film has then been accepted by the channels and the skill of marketing to those distributors that FilmHub evidently have in place. It’s a far faster turnaround, far cheaper and more streamlined than the film sales model that preceded it.  

One downside to it though, is that the channels don’t notify either FilmHub or the filmmaker of a transmission date. All you’re given is a two-to-twelve-week window. It can happen any time within that timeframe. Therefore, creating any kind of publicity campaign, which historically was always driven by a launch date, becomes almost farcical in its planning.

This said, the overriding sense however remains one of achievement. All the majority of filmmakers want is for the thing they’ve laboured over for so long to reach its intended audience and this digital mechanism manages that, better than anything that came before.

As soon as I have any more info, I’ll keep you posted. There’s a trailer link for Greys here on my website, if you’re interested and photos on IMDb.