Greys Inbetween – Last News of the Year

As 2021 draws to a close, one final nugget of good news in an otherwise quite tumultuous year.

Subsequent to the festival triumph a couple of weeks ago, via FilmHub, Greys Inbetween FilmHub has been picked up by a fifth channel perhaps its largest yet, Amazon Prime.

It’ll take a while for this to show up on their platform though, as it’s literally only just been accepted for delivery, so may not show up for several weeks on the Amazon Prime menu. This will be for worldwide SVOD and TVOD.

It had already been picked up by Nuella, an African and Africa diaspora channel, Xumo (AVOD – Canada, Brazil, US, Mexico) Tubi (AVOD – NZ, Australia, US, Mexico, Canada) and Vimeo (TVOD – worldwide).

With specialist film publicists October Coast PR, I’ll plan to run a small publicity campaign in January. 

Happy New Year.