I know I’ve been quiet, but by now you will have guessed I was up to something. I’ve been busy developing a new course. Upon realising there was a gap between those who may have done a course, or made a short and then translating that into a feature, I’ve spent the last month or so building a 10-Day online course outlining how achievable No-Budget Moviemaking is, if you go about it the right way.

 I interview a Composer, an Emmy and bafta-winning Post House boss, and I also workshop actors. The purpose for this is mainly to help would-be directors understand a little how actors tick and what they require from a director in order to deliver what’s needed, whilst also retaining something crucial in the sense of space and Play that they crave to keep things fresh.

I hope to add two final components: interviews with an Editor and DoP in the not too distant..

unsurprisingly named NoBudgetMovie.com, in an effort of over-deliver on value, the course now has 90 videos, offering up about 7-hours of content and comes in for just £47. Although the price is due to rise July 15th. Click here to watch a video if you’re interested to learn more.