Since I left The Guildhall, I have been made aware of the paucity and stereotype nature of the work that has been on offer to me and therefore how Blacks and Asians are portrayed – or left out- of the media. It became increasingly clear to me that if i wanted to work in projects that I believe in, that I needed to start creating work for myself. 
Not only that, I also needed to involve myself in the discussion and try and create opportunities for my fellow actors, writers, crew members and telling stories that were also relevant to us. This was my journey into writing and into directing. By getting behind the camera and creating opportunity.
Offending Angels, was shot in 1999. It was a British Film with two non-white leads, whereby no mileage was made of their skin-colour. Of all the reviews, only Eastern Eye saw what it was I was doing back then.
Greys Inbetween was another film, exploring identity and what it is to be a person of colour living in today’s Britain, shot across London in 2008.
This is also the work of the Triforce Creative Network
After decades of lip service from the powers that be: the BBC’s, C4’s, BFI’s, Film Councils, etc, but precious little else, there may perhaps be signs of the green shoots of change. But the jury is still out..
To my mind, we shouldn’t be waiting for the Establishment to change, it’s very big, very cumbersome and change, if any, will happen slowly. It’s my belief that rather than knocking on the same few doors, joining the general clamour of everyone else in the industry and getting the same rejection, we need to be creating our own channels, our own studios, our own product, using our own revenue sources and our own crew, as has been proved worthwhile in the US.
Here are some pieces I have done concerning this wider conversation.