New Chapters

A while since I blogged, but a fair amount has been going in in the background. I’m very surprised and pleased to announce I have received a grant from the Arts Council with which to write my new novel, more about which will no doubt follow over the coming months. 

With the many downsides of Covid, I’m relieved to report that it has proven fertile writing territory, in the absence of anything else to do. Since February, I have completed a memoir about the making of my first feature film, Offending Angels and also a children’s fairy-tale called Amethyst. On top of this, I’ve written two feature scripts. A good daily rhythm of walking, watching a film and then settling down to writing, uninterrupted.

After twelve solid years, I had to wave goodbye to my trusted steed, my 26-yr-old Mercedes 190E. With the incoming ULEZ (Emission Zone) restrictions happening next year, it was no longer a viable option, despite the miles it still had in the engine. 

I hope this missive finds you all well and promise not to leave it so long…