No Budget Movie Course – Free

After a huge amount of learning, planning, application and organisation and as someone who has now made two, I finally put together a comprehensive No Budget Movie walkthrough, from start to finish. A course that lays out, step by step what you need to do, what you need to consider if you want to make a No Budget Movie and it’s all free for anyone to access on YouTube. Originally destined as a paid course on an App, I’ve since decided to give up on the idea of monetising.

After all, if you have need of a no budget movie, it necessarily implies you don’t have the money to be spending on a course teaching you how to make a no budget movie. So, has launched and the first 12 vids dropped earlier today.

Initially I advertised across Asia, the Caribbean and Oceania, I’m really interested in reaching people of colour who haven’t maybe got the access that someone on the West has. Certainly, teaching filmmaking out in Nepal through the British Council a few years ago really brought home how few opportunities there are for some communities, but that the hunger, the thirst for knowledge was still there nevertheless.

These initial vids, averaging about 3-5mins long, serve as intro to the concept of making a No Budget Movie and the factors you might want to take into consideration moving forward… e.g. – why you want to make a movie in the first place, but also about your expectations, not only for the course, but also for your movie.

I shall drop new vids weekly on a Saturday moving forward, covering everything from initial ideas for screenplays, scriptwriting, pre-production, production, directing actors, marketing and festivals – all with No Budget in mind. I shall also interview specialists along the way, like a Composer and a Post House Sound Re-Recordist.

It’s not a course for beginners, but more for the person who has already made a short or done a film or media course of some kind and wants to take it to the next level. 

I hope you get something from it – that it inspires you to give it a go.