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Angels came about due mostly to my own frustration at the narrow bandwidth of roles available to me as an actor of colour in this country. I simply wanted to make a film with my friends, have a good time, learn something and make a British film with two non-white leads, where no mileage is made from their skin colour. Something no one else seemed to be doing. Eastern Eye twigged what I was up to.

Eastern Eye Review - 19/04/02

Heavenly Film-making A Breath Of Fresh Air
Opposite this gigantic film (‘Bend It Like Beckham’) with its cliché roles is super-cool indie movie ‘Offending Angels’. The low budget film doesn’t have the glitz and glamour and all-round hype of ‘BILB’, but what it does have is a British-Asian playing an original role not driven by colour.
…Highly original film… refreshing, well-written…well-made and the battle is on to get people to go and watch this highly engaging tale.
Both ‘BILB’ and ‘Offending Angels’ are good films, but …more films like the latter are needed if Asians are going to get a strong foothold in the mainstream.