Stage 32 Fellowship Comp

In my experience at least, it can be a long trawl as a writer. I’ve known more than one screenwriter who’s never had a script made into a film, I’m relieved to say that isn’t the case with me, but only because I went and made a few of mine.

I’ve also entered a fair few competitions over the past few years. Made headway in a few, as novelist, as playwright and with screenplays. My latest venture was to enter the @Stage32 Fellowship. Winners stand to gain mentorship for six months, with the chance to further their screenplays – perhaps securing representation and their script optioned.

Not a bad outcome, but the competition is therefore fierce. North of 2000 entries, with the cut-off in August, the Quarterfinalists were announced at the start of November.

‘Chicane’ is a Dystopian Drama, set in a fictional city of the same name. It tells the story of a young woman set on being an actress, tired of living family life in the rural wilderness, aching to taste some excitement and achieve her dream of treading the boards. A case of needing to be careful what you wish for.

Not only has Chicane made the Quarters, but also the Semi’s, the last 26, soon to be whittled down to Finalists. Having been here before, it’s hard not to look on a bit askance. It’s a difficult thing to invest, to then have your hopes dashed, but it’s also difficult not to. All one can do is try.

Only time will tell.