The Author

Three novels, Historical Fiction, Cathedrals In The Sky and two thrillers, The Big Game and #Lazarus10  – Available to buy in paperback, ebook or Audiobook.
I’m delighted to say my current work in progress has been funded by a grant from the Arts Council of England and shaped through the Curtis Brown Three-Month Novel Writing Course. Keep an eye on my social media for updates…
A Masters in Screenwriting from the NFTS, I’ve written several screenplays and TV pilots, my last gaining recognition at the Los Angeles International Screenplay and Big Apple Screenplay Competitions. TV pilot ‘Jerusalem’ is with Stanley Kubrick’s producer, Phil Hobbs and his producing partner, Emmy-Winner, Steve Lanning.


1941: Trinidadian fighter pilot Rudy, finds himself a long way from home. Somewhere over the coast of France, limping back to Blighty in a wounded Spit.
1976: Young Ash, shuffling around with a metal detector makes a big discovery in Baggett’s Pond, spending a hot afternoon trying to dig it out, to impress Helen as much as anything. It’s a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, but where’s the rest of the aeroplane?
2014: St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. ‘Cathedrals In The Sky’ was the name of a poem Ash vaguely remembered from his own misspent youth. Paying little attention to teachers and more to the capabilities of Swan Vestas. How much was he willing to share with his boy, now he is old enough to ask awkward questions?
Spanning over 70 years, ‘Cathedrals In The Sky’ is a coming-of-age psychology of identity, love, loss and parenthood, told from a series of five very different perspectives.


What if you were offered the Vegas highlife, to launder millions of dollars..?

Small-time London grifter ‘Shanks’ is an action junkie in search of the biggest game on the planet. As far as he’s concerned, everyone’s on the make; it’s eat, or be eaten.

Spanning two continents and a worldwide crime network, in the time it takes to shuffle a deck, Shanks spins from two-bit nobody trying to grind a living, to Vegas high-roller. Getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan…

A gritty, funny, drug-fuelled blast through the seedier side of poker and what it is to truly live it: rollercoaster stories from desperate faces, all living in the shadows.

Sometimes it pays to be careful what you wish for…

Rajan writes with a warm, enchanting flow… with strong, dynamic characters… I really didn’t want it to end.”

The second in the Lake Pen Series of novels, by Andrew Rajan

Fast-paced and laden with plot twists, Lazarus#10 is carried by original writing and a narrator who does not lose his sense of humour, even when he finds himself in free fall.”


“He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die”. John 11:21-26

Tony Peso’s world is turned upside down the first time he is plugged into a cryonically frozen head, to experience their last ten seconds of life. If this was properly marketed, it could be massive…

Ignoring the moral implications and ably assisted by Cryo-Biochemist Davis, Brit-abroad Tony makes millions selling this mind-blowing one-off hit to Billionaires.

Way out of his depth from layers of deceit, he soon finds himself an international fugitive, on the run from the FBI for a murder he didn’t commit. A bagful of cash, but unable to distinguish friend from foe.

Now headlining America’s Most Wanted, Tony finds himself writing his own memoirs from Death Row…

“Intriguing… gripping, really well-paced… highly engaging and very filmic.”


That Paki Play (Stage Play)

Four Asian actors meet to try and work out how to improve their situation as stereotyped characters in a white industry. Three are old hands, but Ahmed is fresh out of drama school.

Meanwhile, fifth actor Vinny contemplates the failure of his life from atop the cliffs of Beachy Head.

Finalist for the Sultan Padamsee Awards

Mental (Stage Play / Feature Drama)

Mental, a four-hander, set in present day Tottenham, post 9-11, post 7-7, post riot. Broadly, it explores the territory of identity; of belonging and of what it is to be non-white, living on the fringes of today’s society.
‘MENTAL’ is a Black man in his 30’s living in a squat and paranoid about he world he now sees around him and how it perceives him. He is terrified of being killed not by terrorists, but by the heavy-handed Police.
Then, one night, EMILIA tumbles in through the window. Plainly not a part of this scene, she’s a well-to-do, educated girl, whose upbringing has lacked nothing. Why is she here?

Mental made the last 20 of 2,200 submissions in the Bruntwood Prize

Afghanistan (stage play)

Afghanistan means many things to many different people.

Ardent Afghan campaigner, Zarghona got a phone call telling her she only has five minutes to live. No time to call for help, no time to spirit her child to safety. She sits secured to a chair, her grocery bag unceremoniously emptied now covers her head, put there by a Taliban leader carrying a Kalashnikov.

Chelsea sexual submissive- Louisa is knotted expertly to a chair by her boyfriend, ex-BBC War Correspondent, Roper. Her daughter fathered by Roper’s brother, a casualty of the war in Kandahar.

Two women in adjacent apartments tied down, a world apart.

Afghanistan – an exploration of politics: Social, economic, family, office, sexual, corporate-world.

Long-listed for the Alfred Fagon Award